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Kevbro said...

Marissa -
I can't decide whether I enjoy your drawings or you guitar playing more. You certainly have gotten more attention for the guitar playing despite being equally talented in both areas. You have an incredible amount of creativity. Caught you in Detroit opening for DW. I was extremely disappointed that I missed your return at the Magic Stick. Friends told me that we didn't represent well at the show. Sorry.
Just like everyone else I'm eagerly awaiting more music and the next trip to Michigan. Not sure if I fit in the demographic for you fan base since I have two daughters your age. But let's just say that I'm a music fan who's spent many years working in indie record shops and knows a good thing when he sees it. I'm hoping you keep doing the art and maybe you can put out a book some time that collects some of your stuff. In the meantime I'm happy to hear your great music. Kind regards, Kevin Maloney Ann Arbor, MI