Pseudocyesis -

Weird judeo-christian clown thing. this is horrible and will certainly be painted over in the near future. for now, it is only sufficient for a hearty chortle.

Other shit:


Candy Castle PT I

In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy, (buildings pictures here are fugues in our heroine's imagination) the protagonist seeks out medical assistance. Mystical signs pop up over the horizon. The DR. gives him an MRI and an EKG. The results are inconclusive. Our hero decides to plod along alongside his best pal, Clarence.


Finally learning about pain

As our heroes continue on their journey, Diamond Jane shuts down. She's finally lost her composure and now it's up to Freddy (AKA Pullman Larry) to tie all of her loose ends back together.

Courtney Love's radical feminist ethos evolves into a huge, throbbing dick. (ALSO SEE: Mickey Mouse Interstate Cock Ring)

Mystical signs pop up over the horizon. Your parents discuss inevitable divorce.

Diamond Jane, the protagonist, considers branding PULLMAN LARRY onto her uterus. What doctor might pull this off?

Read all about it next time on Candy Castle...