$75. The price of this is entirely negotiable. It's acrylic on some moderately heavy (and therefore nice) piece of wood. This is big and I can't ship it to you. You gotta come get it.

H: aprox 5 feet W: aprox 1 ft, 7 inches.

I'm about 5"2. This might give you an idea of the size:

I can ship this. Watercolor and paper on wood. $50 shipping not included. This is also, as always, entirely negotiable.

H: 1 foot W: 9 inches.

$50 for this. Wheatpasted image on cabinet paneling. I can't ship this, the wood is considerably fragile.

H: 1 ft 6 inches W: 1 ft 6 inches

If you're interested in any of this stuff email me: