StarBeatMusic said...

Wow. I have a nasty letter from high school somewhere in my room...It's funny to look back at. I think one of the line's was something like: You never gave me back my Pantera cd, so I'm going to take you to people's court, you waste of sperm.

Anonymous said...

you do need to wash your hands!
but you don't smell (much).

Anonymous said...

you do need to wash you hands!
but you don't smell (much).

Delia said...

I didnt know you were angry

Santos said...

I don't know what's worse,
being told these things to your face or have nasty sounding letter like this one
Once someone said things like that to me,
it felt horrible,
but now its in the past

Alexander Conner said...

you eat like a monkey... okay... that one's cute.

El Colin said...

M 'marry me' ask all the menfolk
A and all the chicks want your ass
R really?
I it's true!
S so just deal with it sister
S sing me one of your songs
A and i'll ask you also

mandy b. said...

I like that the back says i<3jesus christ. i miss religion class.