Living at home

I don't have a digital camera so I made a pathetic attempt at taking photographs of some stuff with my mac. Apologies.

climate control

happy hang out

this is painted on glass so you can see my monitor duh

hot tramp

in a perfect world

just relaxing but not done yet

new best friends

the usual

maybe because i just saw batman

I wouldn't typically paint a big red dragon but the bossman wanted one, so viola


Alexander Conner said...

I'm excited for your show! James let me know today that his closet is half-way refinished. That means plenty of room for new fancy clothes for your fancy opening! Why a dragon?

Marissa said...

Eric wanted a dragon. I have no idea why.

Oh. My. God. James. I love it.

e train said...

cuz goth

The Music Zombie said...

What opening? When? Where?

I have your figures Marissa. I'm worried about having them for too long at The Silent Barn...

cat said...

i like the balloon one