i hate school



flymordecai said...

i hate it too, let's hangout sometime!

Sienna said...

Yeah... School is so dumb. I have to spend 6 whole hours in school learning pointless facts... But how can they expect me to remember all that stuff? Ok... School has taught me a bit of grammer and 2 types of bread I have never heard of... But I only learnt about capital letters... And the diffrence between... Its and It's... So I know that kind of grammer... But still that wont help. The problem with school is it's so boring... And almost every question on tests are random stupid boring and pointless... Once I had a test question... The question was: What can you see inside this window? The test was about evaporation and things... But all I saw was A picture of a square with a black and white thing inside it which was what the people were trying to make look like a window... IT WAS SO STUPID... So I cheated... The answer was right... Most people were on that question for a long time... I cheated and got the right answer... But how could anyone work out that answer... The whole test was ridiculous. I hate school just like you... And I just cant help saying ''I hate school.'' I'm going to find more websites that are against school... And start an online club or something.